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Ben 10: Duel Of The Duplicates

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Looking for the latest Ben 10 10 aliens fighting games online? Then here on Vitalitygames.com we present you this new Ben 10 game with an epic challenge called Ben 10: Duel Of The Duplicates games. Duel of the Duplicates stars Ben 10 in a battle to protect the Plumber Base. The Plumbers are under attack, and it's up to Ben Tennyson to save the day. But the bad guys are evil versions of Ben's own aliens, so it won't be easy! Use special powers as Feedback, Snare-oh, and Blox to fight enemies, solve puzzles and find collectibles. Play Duel of the Duplicates, more Ben 10 games and other free online games on Vitalitygames. Also, play more Cartoon Network games with Ben 10 alien force to have the best time online. Good luck and make sure you play other similar games like Cannonbolt CrashBen 10 Rust Bucket Rescue, and FusionFall Heroes. Good luck and have fun!
Ben 10: Duel Of The Duplicates was developed by Cartoon Network
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