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Have you been looking everywhere for a fun casual game that you can play while listening to your favorite music tracks? If so then Audiogame.io touches both of those points by letting you ride on tracks generated from your own music. Sounds crazy right? Who'd heard of musical games before? Well, it's true and you can check it out for yourself. You can either ride on tracks that already exist in the game or you can upload your own mp3 tracks. If you're looking for a fun, casual, and relaxing game Audiogame.io is a great choice. So choose your favorite track and hit the play button!
The game is still in development so make sure to keep an eye on it for further features and improvements.
  • Simple 3D graphics
  • The game tracks are generated from music tracks
  • You can upload and play on your own songs
  • Easy to learn and play
Release Date
September, 2020
Audiogame.io was developed by Tobspr
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