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Apocalypse World

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Enjoy the latest Apocalyptic shooting and survival zombie games like this new Apocalypse World. Click to play now live Apocalypse World on VitalityGames.com and enjoy this similar game to the walking dead tv show. Being some of the last survivors in the bloodthirsty zombie game you must use your skills to help out little hero scavenge abandoned houses and look for water and food.
To help you cover more areas use horses, cars or motorcycles. Fight the hordes of the zombie coming your way and take cover in the high grounds to rest and retreat. To play the game use mouse to aim and shoot, W, A, S, D for movement press Shift to run and E key to interact. To change the weapons press 1,2,3 keys. Have a blast with this open space map and try other similar zombie game like Zombie Siege Outbreak, Zombie Hazard, Zombie Choppa, and ZombsRoyale.io. Good luck and have fun!
  • A fun 3D shooting Apocalyptic zombie game.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with nice details.
  • Riding horses, cars or motorcycles
  • Flying on a hang glide.
  • Open space map filled with opportunities and dangers.
  • Nice music and sounds.
  • Addicting gameplay.
Release Date
March, 2019
Apocalypse World was developed by Gameflare
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