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3D Zombie Hell 2

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Play online 3D Zombie Hell 2 games for free on vitalitygames.com. Unbelievable but true: the zombies are not afraid of the punishment of God, they shamelessly trample on the holy ground of an ancient monastery. But against the undead have a significant weapon, destroying and punishing simultaneously.Use the arrow Q / E, choose a suitable weapon against zombies. Will it be a chopping ax or sword and mace can choice the player. The main thing is to make its way through the bodies of the dead zombies you. Putting the healing elixir for the purpose intended, to monitor the health. Explore all the rooms of the holy place, clean it from the undead. Stay alive and get out of the castle. Play any type of Game at vitalitygamesgames.com. The biggest Game Collection to play free online. Flash, Unity 3D, Html5, Android, Java and Shockwave.

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  •  Management: WASD - movement, Q / E - weapons, Shift - run, Space -pryzhok, LKM- blow

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