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18 Wheeler Racing

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Have you ever wanted to race in a competition of 18 wheeler racing, that demands serious skills such as driving a truck? Well, my friend, you came to the right place on Vitalitygames.com because our brand new game called "18 Wheeler Racing" is waiting for you to take the wheels to have fun. There is one thing I must warn you about though and that is that your opponents are very well known as the most savage truck driver that the world has ever seen. Watch out for your back and drive like a maniac in order to get to the next level and so on. You think you've got this or you are a coward? Decide and let your adrenaline to take its course. Have fun and share this game"18 Wheeler Racing" among your friends. Enjoy the game and also make sure you play other fun 18 wheeler drag racing and 18 wheeler racing games!
Release Date
June, 2016
18 Wheeler Racing was developed by BrightestGames.com
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