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Valentine’s Day Singles Party

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This is such a great challenge for all the single girls or boys for the Valentine's Day, a game which tries to prove that friendship is more important than a relationship so that's exactly why these girls are just going to toss a great party tonight, all of the best friends. Your mission is to help them decorate the room where they wanna toss the party and then add the necessary dress up articles to them, for making them look simply sparkling and maybe some boys fall in love with them. Select some special wallpaper decorations and all kind of sparkles, balloons and everything so prove that you are creative enough for accomplishing successfully this decoration stuff, for offering them a great place to party inside! Then, from the dress up categories in the bottom side of the game screen, select a couple of styled hairstyles, amazing and modern dresses and so many fantastic and simply sparkling t-shirts, jackets, jeans or even dresses if you wanna approach something more classy and formal than casual. Become the greatest fashion designer ever and such a great decoration artist!

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