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Sport Fishing

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This online free game it's a WebGL game, a first-person game where you prove your skills in finding big fish and reel them in. Move the mouse left and right to change your view and aim. Select a lure by left-clicking on the lure menu. Click once to start your cast, a second time to decide the aim, and a third time to decide the power. Once a fish is hooked, reel the fish in by tapping the left mouse button to balance the tension on the fishing line. Continue to reel the fish in with the left mouse button.
Some good tips:
  • Select the appropriate lure for the fish you want to catch.
  • A splash on the water indicates a populated area.
  • Cast properly to increase your chances.
  • Reach the score threshold to unlock new lures and fishes.
So have fun and become the ultimate sport fisherman from this new 3D game called Sport Fishing games. Good luck and have fun!
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