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Irrational Karate Online

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Play the latest action fighting games online for free on VitalityGames.com. Click to play now Irrational Karate Online game and master your fighting skills to be the best online.
Irrational Karate is a fighting game for people that liked the idea of beat em ups but were never really good enough. It's a game for people that like mercilessly thumping their enemies but wished it could all look cuter. Use arrow keys to move left and right, jump, crouch.. Press S to kick and A for quick attack and move to heavy attack with W key. Enjoy the thrill of fighting online and have fun with the the best street fighting games online!
  • Interesting and fun to play karate game..
  • 4 types of game modes.
  • Decent 3D graphics and captivating game.
Release Date
March, 2018
Irrational Karate Online was developed by Never Rest Studio
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  •  Move/jump
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