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Play the latest puzzle and matching color games, combine with strategy in one perfect game called Colorzzle. Click to play now Colorzzle live online on Vitalitygames.com and train your brain with this fun and addicting game.
The Colorzzle is a minimalism game that will try to make you feel peace through the simplicity of the game. Where you have to work with colors and combine them in a fun puzzle game. Mixing the same color will allow trees to grow and flowers to bloom. Each level has a number of colors required to create. The game is easy at the beginning but it gets frustrating and very addicting as you progress. So make sure you grow all the trees and flowers for the stage to be cleared. Enjoy this fun matching puzzle game online and have fun training your brain! For more similar logic games please have a look at our thinking games categories.

Release Date
December 2017

Colorzzle is developed by Darong Studio.
  • Winner of the Grand Prize at the Indy Game Competition in Seongnam, 2017
  • Relaxing music and fun to play.
  • Combine or match colors to make trees grow and flowers to bloom.
  • This is a mini online version of the mobile apps limited levels.
  • As you progress the difficulty is increased making the game very hard.

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