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Black Panther: Vibranium

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Plat the best and the latest Avenger and movies TV games online for free on Vitalitygames.com. In this cinema games called Black Panther: Vibranium Hunt you must help the future king of Wakanda in his mission...
Follow the thrilling adventures of Black Panther in this exploration for recovering the stolen pieces of Vibranium from the sacred mountain. Fight many enemies to retrieve the stolen stone with melee skills and superpowers and collect all missing pieces of Vibranium... Improve have fun and make sure you defeat Klaw at the finish of the game. Enjoy this fun Black Panther games online and have a blast! 

Release Date

February 2018
Black Panther: Vibranium  is developed by Marvel

  • Cool feature of click and hold to charge and release the superpower..
  • Old school epic top down action game...
  • Fun story to follow..
  • Fun puzzle paths to unlock the Vibranium stones..

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  •  Move
     Click And Hold To Charge/relase
     Single Click Explore

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