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Play the latest .io games online for free on VitalityGames.com. Click to play now Battlz.club game and start to fight against anyone and everyone for honor and to reign as the champion in the club in this awesome multiplayer .io Battlz.club games..:))
Battlz.club is a little different from the arena fighting .io games where you where to fight directly each other, here you must attempt to push your enemies in front of the path of the raging fireball! If you are hit with the fireball, it is an instant kill! To escape use click 2 to sprint for a short period of time ... and to repeat the sprint time is needed for the stamina to recharge. Enjoy many more similar html5 multiplayer .io games for free on Vitalitygames.com!
Release Date
February 2018
Battlz.Club was made by Ryan Hall and Blake Sleight.

  • Easy color and sword changing.
  • Difficult arena with a lot of moving fireball.
  • Collect blue souls to recharge your dash.
  • New 6 second respawn timer.

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